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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Lost and Found

Well hello there! I've been soooooo busy these last two months cleaning, re-organizing, and collecting items to donate to Goodwill or sell to an antique dealer. I've been through every closet, drawer and cupboard in the house and it felt soooo good to have this completed. Next task was to contact that  antique/collectibles dealer to sell off my stuff. I had collected vintage linens (tablecloths and napkins), hankies, gloves, vintage purses and a couple of fur coats. I had  her business card stashed on my kitchen counter for months and months and months while I recuperated from last winter's illness and got my life gathered up. Can I find it now that I'm ready ?   NOOOOOOOOO !!!
At some point in my cleaning/re-organizing I put the card somewhere safe so I wouldn't lose it. Well we all know that the infamous "safe place" can never be found or remembered when you look for it.  Without that card some of my downsizing  is on hold. Wish me luck!!

It seems I'm losing everything these days. Went to the hairdressers for a cut and discovered the next day that one of my gold studs was missing. Bummer as I wear these everyday nonstop! So, off to the mall with my sister for a shopping spree.  This story has a happy ending as I found exactly what I was looking for as replacements for the gold studs, then treated myself by purchasing new diamonds studs. Whoohoo!

Then last night as I was trundleing off to bed I dropped one of  my pearl earrings I had been wearing.  I was just too tired to go searching for it and decided to wait until the morning for the next big search. Well didn't I luck out this morning and step right on it first thing - so another lucky FIND for me!!

Last Sunday was Decoration Day at the Watford cemetery where father is buried. Not having been able to be with him his last few days and barely remembering the funeral I felt it was important to attend. I have only been to one other decoration day, and that was with my Grandmother when I was six. I remember  wondering what dead meant and why Grandma was crying. Now years later I realize the love of her life had only been dead about 3 years. My B-I-L drove and my sister, her son and myself all attended. They had a Piper and a Trooping of the Colours from the local Legion in remembrance of those lost at Vimy Ridge. We got to see his stone marker. We chose the scroll to depict his diplomas and those he, as a teacher, helped others obtain.
While all this angst happening I have completed some sewing. Today I plan to make up some place mats using up the leftover coffee fabric from all those mug rugs I made last year.

I have completed weeks #15, 16,17 and 18 of my Canada 150 quilt -along.Still having lots of fun making these and continue to be amazed at how  difficult it is to be that accurate! I'm trying hard not to be too much of a perfectionist, but also want this one to go together well. I also don't want to repeat any fabrics too much while at the same time add in "Canada" fabrics (Maple leaves).

I made a duplicate block #50 for Rachel Zimmerman Brachman, the daughter of a former colleague of mine. I decided to make the extra block into a wee Canada 150 pillow which Walter and Linda can pass along to Rachel, who lives in California now. Here's her pillow
So that's been my last couple of weeks, good thing it's Sunday and we can all hope for a better things to come :)

Monday, August 21, 2017

I must be losing my mind!

So if you've been reading my blog lately you'll know that I have spent the last few weeks/months house cleaning/downsizing. That included cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room. Sad to say I'm a piler not a filer, and habits of a lifetime won't ever change.  But once in awhile I need to stop, take stock and cleanup! So, it has taken 2 months of intensive work, but my sewing room is CLEAN and reorganized - YEAH ! It's certainly worth the effort - I found 8 new rotary blades!!
The top photo shows the shelves, formerly upright now turned on their side. The TV is now at a better height and I can unplug it more easily (see earlier post re Gremlins for why I need to unplug the TV). In the left pic you can see I removed the HUGE bulletin board (which had lots of paper pinned to it which I never read!) and put up a much smaller bulletin board. I "found" a small white shelf in the bathroom which is perfect for my half lady pin cushion and to hang my stiletto, measuring tape, rotary cutters and the humbug bag which hold my binding clips. I resurrected a large white cutting mat given me a long time age. It fits this space perfectly! The box of kleenex and bowl of peanuts (brain food) are as necessary as the cutters ;).
In this pic on the right I have hung a walnut tea cup shelf which belonged to mother. It's perfect here as the shelves already have a groove to hold my large rulers. The small glass ginger jars hold a collection of mother's threads on wooden spools. She thought I was crazy when I asked for all her old thread - "who wants those?" I DO, I DO!. It also holds my vintage wood sock darner and the Matryoshka doll father brought back from Russia. The pattern in front of my sewing machine is a Chili Pepper table runner pattern called Moondance. My sister has asked for a new table runner for her coffee table - I must be losing my mind adding another project to my "To Do" list!! I have to say I'm satisfied with the results of all my efforts. Now all I have to do is remember where I put everything!!

 My friend M and I spent Sunday afternoon at the International Plowing Match quilt show in Seaforth. I have missed most of the local quilt shows this season. Neither of us have ever attended this one. I liked the quilt in the top pic the best with its Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I'm really getting interested in scrappy quilts - perhaps a reflection of how much fabric I have ;) ;), hence the pic on the left.  And I took the pic on the right because I have that fabric !! and wanted to remember this great idea of how to use it up!

This quilt was amazing with fussy cut stars and postage stamp four patches. Excellent work !

This was a sampler quilt with a controlled colour palette. I really like the way she shadowed each block with black. Here's a close up.

And finally, my one and only block this week towards my Canada 150 quilt.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fun week :)

Well my Rose of Sharon bushes are in full bloom and it is so nice to sit outside and enjoy the view. Soon it will be time to find someone to trim them back to a reasonable size, but not yet! I had a cleaner in this week to help me prep for "the ladies". First time for me and I must say I was very very happy with the experience. Who needs to do housework when you can get someone else to do it, YEAH! She did a great job and I'll have her back for sure.
It left me time for the prep work for our luncheon. I made cucumber sandwiches, a first for me, deviled eggs, pineapple cheese and pear and apple cheese, and of course a plate of goodies, hello dollies and chocolate macaroons with a bowl of cherries in the middle. I served it all on my Great Aunt's Limoges china - it's a service for 12! Mother would be proud.
It's birthday week (not telling you how old I am, but I'm not yet a senior!), so the family gathered at my sister's place for hamburgers and cake - and oh what a cake! Yummmmmy!! My sister, her DH, daughter, grandkids and s-i-l are all off to a cottage for the next week. Lucky them. Here's William in his backyard playpen (aka plastic pool). He's not too sure who I am ....
And here's Claire with her new glasses - purple and pink - of course to match all her princess dresses!
Tonight I'm off to see Lady Macbeth with some friends, so that should end the week. I'll be ready for a rest on Sunday.
Earlier in August my sister & her hubby went up to Manitoulin Island for a Boyter reunion. I sent up the Lighthouse quilt I had made years ago for mother. I used a Piecemaker's calendar pattern for the quilt and embroidered in silver thread the names of our family Manitoulin lighthouse keepers, their lighthouses and their dates in the red inner border. In the outer blue border I quilted fish, since my great grandfather Albert Boyter fished out of Little Current on a 3 masted schooner - least that's the family story. I had lots of fun with this quilt, all hand appliqued, hand embroidered and hand quilted with lots of  button embellishments. I wanted someone in the family who felt connected to the Boyters and/or Manitoulin Island to have the quilt. Well, my cousin Tom Boyter, he who arranged the reunion, took the quilt and it has finally been hung, something mother never got done. Tom was close to mom and thought of her as a second mother so this quilt has found a great home. Here's a pic!


Sunday, August 06, 2017

It Didn't :(

Well, it was totally disappointing, the three Orchid buds dropped off - one by one. :( :(. Guess I don't have as green a thumb as I thought. Anyone out there have any suggestions for next time - if there are any fresh Orchid buds? It's been quite a couple of weeks. I managed to wreck the screen of my 10 yr old laptop, thus leaving me with a 1/3 flickering screen display. Most annoying. Now I have a new laptop, Windows 10, and a new keyboard, so bear with me if you see any typos while I become accustomed to the new keyboard.
I've been busy cleaning/downsizing which for me involves going through all my drawers, cupboards and closets and making decisions to keep, donate or sell. Fun and exhausting at the same time. Yesterday I went through the linen closet, filled with my and inherited or collected linens. I discovered so many doilies, tea cloths and cutwork/lace table cloths. Too many to keep, not all in the best of shape. I also discovered the new sheers I bought (years ago) for the dining room. Just in time as one of the old ones has a tear which can not be disguised. So I got busy and made a rod pocket, got them hung up only to discover they are 1/2" too long !!! Darn it! They will have to do until later this month when I can re-sew the rod pocket.
I've made 4 trips to the Goodwill since my downsizing began and have quite a collection of antiques/collectibles put aside I hope to sell off. All this has kept me from my normal house cleaning, so 3 weeks ago I researched online then called and booked a cleaner for Aug. This past week I called 3 times and sent 2 emails attempting to confirm the appointment only to finally receive a message saying I don't have a booking with them ! REALLY! YIKES ! I have a dozen ladies coming over for afternoon tea next week ! Well,  Julie from Daytime Domestics fixed me up and I have a cleaner coming next week.  YEAH. Should be interesting as this is my first time having cleaners.
I have also been busy attempting to catch up to my Canada 150 Quilt-Along ladies.  Since I only print out the instruction page I am not attempting to match fabrics to the woman featured for that block, just using what I think will look good. Each block is red and white, with a variety of reds. I have decided to be liberal in my choice of whites, and am including red & whites, creams, and lots of script fabrics.  I'm rather glad I started this project, even if I am waaaaay behind as it is re-teaching me the basics of block construction, and I am re-learning accuracy. I'm up to block 37 now, which puts me at week 12.  Those who were able to keep up from the start  are on block 110 ! so I have a long way to go yet :(. I also finished off three more bibs and one more key wristlet for our group's charity sewing. Look out - I'm on a roll!!
Of course also last week was the annual anniversary sale at our local quilt store. All was going great and I was picking up many fabulous fat quarters and was able to use more of the gift certificate I got at work for my retirement. Just as I was about to leave I saw the perfect backing fabric for one of the 7 vintage quilt tops I "found" in my blanket box ! Too bad the staff person @ the store had to make a scene because I asked how much I should buy for a double bed size backing - a reasonably normal question at a quilt store and one she should be prepare to answer. Some people :(. Luckily the store owner had more couth, provided the answer I sought and in the end I got 10+ fat quarters and a new backing all of which cost me less than $5.00 !! Not bad .
I have not forgotten my Lucy Boston but have no pic to share as I am back into prepping hexies for the in-between joiner blocks. Not exciting.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Will it or Won't it ?

So my purple orchid given to me as a retirement gift  has decided to bud - whoppee! The question is will the buds ever open? These buds are large and have been there for over 2 weeks now. When will I get flowers ? I put it into the sun and have given it a wee bit of water. Not sure what else I can do to encourage these buds to flower.  Any advice ??
Speaking of flowers I harvested a wee posy from my Lavender plant. Had I known a super humid hot spell was coming which would burn up everything I would have harvested all the Lavender flowers!
Life has calmed down a wee bit this week and I have finally - yes FINALLY got into my sewing room and back to my Facebook Canada 150 quilt-along.  Now that the sewing room is cleaned out (almost) I feel more comfortable in that room. I've been housecleaning and downsizing for several weeks now. What was once 2 overflowing book shelves full of quilt books, 2 shelves of binders full of paper patterns from the internet, and another 2 shelves with magazines, I am proud to say is now 1/2 shelf of books, 1 shelf of magazines and paper patterns from the internet. MUCH more reasonable for my lifetime ;).  So, I have been working on catching up with my fellow quilt-along ladies and have sewn 3 blocks a day. We get 3 blocks a week since January and the group is now at Block 108. I am proud to say I am now up to block 22. Yippee! BUT long way to go ! Wish me luck ;)
A long way yet to go with the downsizing/housecleaning, but I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment having sent out 3 bags of shredded paper, 3 bags of non shredded paper for recycling and 3 boxes to the Goodwill just last week. Wish me luck again !

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Happy Canada Day !!

Happy150th Canada Day !!
This wall hanging was done in 2008 for a guild challenge and has served me well since then. It only comes out for the Canada Day week as I don't want it to fade. I love the Mountie with her horse!

I have finally arrived in the sewing room and along with digging up lots of "I'm going to use that someday" stuff (now to go to the Goodwill - with lots more to find yet!) I have started sewing again. YEAH ! But have I re-started my Canada 150 Facebook quilt-along ? Noooo, and I'm 93 blocks behind ! YIKES ! No, I did some mending for my niece and my sister and did some sewing for Wellspring, my sewing group's charity. Wellspring is a cancer charity, and they have a craft booth which helps support them. We make all kinds of fabric items and I was once again asked to co-ordinate our group's donations to their booth.
So, I made this lunch bag. I used a cupcake  version of it when I was still at work and really appreciated it. The lunch bag is roomier than it looks and I'm happy to have finally made use of this terrific cutlery fabric. I have another one cut out and may get to it today. The pattern tutorial is from Pink Penquin and is well written. This pattern would also make a fabulous sewing bag - with different fabrics of course ;).
I saw this fabulous fat quarter at the local FL store and just had to make this bib for my grand nephew William. I thought it was more "manly" than the owl bibs I made for his sister which my niece is now using for him ;) Also, it kinda goes along with his theme of Foxes - and other wild life! Purchased 2 FQs so I can make a second one for William.
            HAPPY CANADA DAY
(Love this image - sorry, don't know it's origin/creator)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

This and That

So I now totally understand retired people who always told me they don't know how they found the time to work!  I used to worry that when I retired I would be bored - too much time on my hands. HA !
Here's my busy story  .... I decided to take advantage of the flyer that came in the mail and have my furnace and AC unit checked having never done it since I moved in.  Well, the technician was a woman (nice to see - yeah ladies) and after some checks of this and that she red tagged my furnace and shut off the gas!! It was leaking carbon monoxide!! Now I don't quite understand why I hadn't noticed this before, after all I spent 3 months sleeping on the couch in the living room (that much closer to the furnace), and I do have a CO1 detector (upstairs). Anyway, long story short I now have a new furnace.  I decided to also have the water heater replaced since they were of the same appliance age. So all this also involved tearing apart the front hallway, the stairs going down and my carefully crafted storage of this and that behind the furnace. OF COURSE this led to a cleanup of the basement  = two truckloads to the dump (THANKS Vince and Mark!) and a carload to the Goodwill. I also managed to get 2 bags of paper shredded and out of the house :). Wonderful start on my downsizing/cleanup, unfortunately not the end .... 
While the hallway was uprooted I also re-hung my quilted wall hangings on the rod I specifically purchased for them, which also involved filling all holes in the wall and finding the hallway paint  to cover up the old holes.  Although I used my level it still looks like the rod is not even - Grrrrr!  House not totally back to normal yet but feeling like I've accomplished a few things - YEAH!

In case all this  kerfuffle wasn't enough  the government is offering a $1900 rebate for new energy efficient furnaces but in order to get it you have to be inspected .... once before the new furnace goes in and once afterwards in order to get the rebate!  So 1st inspection done, had to get some spray foam to close up a couple of air leaks. 2nd inspection set up for early July, but wait - not done yet ....  I also got called for a spot inspection by ESA so now I have that to contend with also !
Sad to say there was another family funeral this week. Here I am with my sister and three of our cousins at the luncheon afterwards. Must be that time of life as it seems my family is dropping like flies  as we lose the older generation! :(